Our Vision

For all people with dyslexia to be understood, acknowledged, empowered and to have equal access to opportunity.

Our Mission

  • We will raise awareness about dyslexia.
  • We will support and empower those with dyslexia and their families.
  • We will work with government and other decision-makers to improve the education system and workplaces for those with dyslexia.
  • We will work to enhance the everyday experience of people with dyslexia.

Who We Are

  • We are Australians who are aware that children with dyslexia are being unnecessarily damaged by the education system, as their needs are not being recognised and given the assistance they require. We are not prepared to let the current situation continue when the best practice approaches are already available.
  • We include parents, carers, educators, health professionals and people with dyslexia, who have all been impacted by dyslexia.
  • We support people with dyslexia and their families and we seek to disrupt the current situation.

What We Want

  • Early screening and identification of literacy difficulties including phonemic awareness screening in Preschool and Kindergarten and a phonics check in Year One.
  • Educators that are knowledgeable about dyslexia and how to identify it. And using current evidence-based teaching practices.
  • Effective evidence-based literacy instruction in schools and high expectation for all students.
  • Schools and teachers to be dyslexia aware and give all students equitable access to the curriculum.
  • Dyslexia to be destigmatised in the community.
  • Action to alleviate the potentially devastating outcome of undiagnosed or unsupported dyslexia.
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